Skiracer Is Lonely


I was diagnosed with schizaffective disorder about a year ago.I have intrusive thoughts and my thoughts also get stuck and I obsess about them.I have tons of regrets about my behaviour in the past,back to my early childhood.Has anyone had the same experiences?

skiracer skiracer
2 Responses Apr 8, 2009

Hi, im also schizoaffective and can relate to some of the things you said, i have a lot of bad behavior and bad decisions and actions in my past which i feel very guilty about today but what realy bothers me is the intrusive thoughts and disturbing images and voices. <br />
i feel like sometimes that im not in control of my mind or like something has taken over, i dont get aggressive or violent but things do get very twisted and sick which i hate, i think its important to explore through your past even into corners you havent been in a long time or perhaps never and come to terms with what really happened, in order to move on you need to look back.

Yes,I have. I am still tryting to get rid of guilty feelings<br />
about much of my past doings. I try telling myself that nothing past can be redone. All I can do is start to change from today forward. Why don't you try it?