Im A Catatonic Schizophrenic

I hate my life, I sometimes talk and think disorganized and most of the time I don't talk at all. I'm 33 years old and probably wont be in another relationship ever unless he's catatonic and how easy is that to find?
catatonica catatonica
4 Responses Jul 19, 2010

God will help you
And there's someone for everyone
Just work out.i guess
There are guys that have known about my illness seen me act up and still went after me

Cool to see someone trying to give helpful advice to someone who's stressed about their problems/illness. Though this story is two and a half years old.

disorganized thinking can be really inspiriational, though I probably haven't had disorganized thoughts anywhere near the severity that you have. Don't worry, if you work to earn it, God will grant you a wonderful husband.

I found a husband who is normal and accepts me for the way I am. I am schizophrenic too. He gets frustrated when I have bouts of stuff though but we've kept together through it. I've know him 7 years and we've been married 4 years. Don't give up hope. Don't listen to the voices. Don't do what they say do what YOU want to do,, not what they want you to do. the medicine will help though sometimes it takes like 5 months to kick in. There's a book out called schizophrenia tribulations which is kinda interesting. All poems about losing a job, people losing respect for you and different abstract stuff.

Did you know catatonic is not moving? So, how can you be on a computer?