I do not know if i do or not. I thought i didn't and bullshitted my shrink by exaggeration, but then i realised, how much was i exaggerating. So i took myself off of Zyprexa. Yes i got better and better...WHAM second round of psychosis and the first round was 3 months of pure f ucking hell i would not wish on my own worst enemy.....god damn f ucking moving shadows and darting flies..bleh hate that s hit the most..ack......
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moving shadowes are the most comon form of halusinastion but they are still creep as *** and the meds are the worst be cause they make you dependent and to week to handal it your self

nope, its a b itch.....hate the sketchies..........bleh

So I wasn't the only one who saw the moving shadows =[