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I Have A New Found Respect For People With Schizophrenia!

A few years ago I experienced a prolonged drug induced psychosis as a result of a bad reaction to a prescribed medication. I can say that the experience was absolutely the most difficult time in my life. Trying to cope with my own thoughts and perceptions was an enormous daily task. The prolonged nature of the psychosis and not knowing if it would ever stop, was unnerving. The unrelenting stress and strain during this time really aged my body and mind. The experience shattered my self confidence. One of the most disturbing things I experienced was the various reactions of others, when dealing with mental illness.

My hat is off and I stand in humble awe of your strength, courage, tenacity, fortitude, and grace...not to mention your enormous ability to forgive those who do not know the magnitude of your struggle.
miles2gob4isleep miles2gob4isleep 56-60, F 4 Responses Jun 16, 2011

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I want to buy you a coke. You've obviously gained an insight during your sicktime, and although I genuinely hope you never have a similar experience ever, EVER again in your life, try to hang on to that little bit of mad. Compare it to your state of mind now and be thankful it isn't your daily lot. I've got schizophrenia, and have been so utterly frustrated at the thoughtless questions/remarks/attitudes but you, you've completely made my day and are in my Cool Book.

Well , when you practice forgiveness you are really helping yourself.

Hello I am manic and schiozphrenic....I am 51 years old...been triping like this sence I was but sometimes it don't...I have learned that watching and maintain a claim environment I can maintain to a point...Medicine I can not take...I feel it steals my thoughts my creativity...and my knowledge...I will not take their meds...I hurt all the neck take all the negative energy I absorb from others...Love nad Light Mary

mary i'd now about you my mom has this just like i do and she refuisd to take her meds and she is not as good at controlling it as i am she had one persinality that hated me and beat me tell i was 14 and became biger than her then she had another persanality that would try and confort me affter words

Well put. The sad truth is it does take a lot of effort to manage. I just see my doctor every month and document how i feel. <br />
<br />
It really is amazing to me too how people with any mental illness survive usually. When i see somebody struggling i feel them, understand them, but my heart still breaks. At times i see myself more easily in others than myself. <br />
<br />
The magnitude is ultimate. It takes every ounce of strength i have to just progress through life. I have God though who understands me and my family that supports me. My family may not be perfect but they do what they can. I feel too i should thank the government and people of the USA. My disability allows me to live a better life through medications.