Well just got the official diagnosis a few days ago. I was told nothing i didnt already know.I've been dealing with the symptoms as a kid and am somewhat of an old pro at this. My functioning level is generally high overall, but there are times when I withdraw a bit and self care declines. This seems to come and go like the moon's phases, so I just plan for it. Hallucinations are more of an irritation than anything else same with delusions which can be somewhat more bothersome than the hallucinations themselves. But I've internalized a sort of review process over the years to help me decide what is normal in the world and what is a part of the more fanciful part of y understanding of it. The most fundamental rule is that knowing and believing are two very different things and are to be kept separate no matter what. It's fine as far ad I'm concerned if I believe in that which could never be. As long as I know it has nothing to do with the way the world works as most people know it and used the knowledge I have rather than my beliefs. Overall I believe I do a good job with taking care that my needs are met and that I function (so much so that there is no noticeable difference), but this illness can wear one down at times. I'll just keep hanging in there! I might also add I take no medication (personal choice). It's not completely necessary for me. It might make life easier, but if I can live without I shall.
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I admire you for your self awareness and discipline. I was just recently diagnosed and they put me on medication, to keep it short, I am not a fan of taking medication... So I was going to ask them if they will help me with techniques to deal with it all instead of medication. I am not looking for the easiest way (like meds, if they aren't NEEDED), I am looking for a way that is right for ME. <br />
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Keep holding strong, it sounds like you are on top of things for sure, that is awesome.<br />
I hope I can be like you in that way someday.