Rising From The Ashes

I was diagnosed with schizophrenia in 2006 while studying in my dream institute.I was a very hard working guy since my childhood.My parents brought me up in a very adverse condition.They always taught me no matter whatever happened never leave hard working.My school principal helped me in pursuing study by giving concession.I got admission in my dream institute finally my dream came true but it was no sooner when I brokedown during second year exam.It all started by my unrealistic goal which you can't achieve in real life.Everything was finished for me I lost all hope.I couldn't do any work.It was a big mental trauma for me because I lost one big oppurtunity which could change my life for ever.I was fortunate enough to got a doctor who soon controled my illness and brought me to a normal life.But still my negative symptoms were chasing me.I learned a lot through all these experiences.I knew now what should do and what should not to do in life.One main reason for the onset of my illness was my unrealistic thinking and over ambitious which I changed slowly to more practical approach.And here comes handy the advise of my father who told me to do hard work no matter whatever happens.I got rid of my unrealistic thinking modified my goals then it become easier for me to do hard work.I surrounded myself with positive thoughts.I started observing the more successfull people.The greatest challenge for me was to keep up with my daily routine.I made some principles of my life which I remind myself daily.I made myself not to think too much because that dosen't going to change anything.It is my work that going to change my life.Now I started getting fruits of my hard work.If I get failure in my life it doesn't bother me much now because a failure can teach you much more than success.I reasearch a lot on thinking and I came to conclusion that may be it is uncontrolled and unrealistic thinking of a person which causes chemical imbalence in our mind and give rise to various mental illnesses.If we are able to change are thoughts by some arguments to counter negative thoughts.Then we can live a more healthy life.Right now I am concentrating to follow my daily routine and few practical academic goals and it is improving my self confidence.Remember no one can bring down your confidence and self esteem unless you start beliving in other than yourself.It is enough to know what you are more capable of rather than showing it to others.Then the peace of mind will follow you.
vvkmarandi vvkmarandi
22-25, M
May 14, 2012