The Story Of Unreal World....

I was doing BTech from one of the famous institute of my country.There was tremendous pressure on me to perform well in term end exam.It all started with a buzzing sound in my ear I was so scared that I ran to my neighbouring room and told him that there is something in my room.When he examined my room there was nothing.I started beliving that I was leaving in a digital world and my body is outside the computer and my parents and friends came in that digital world to meet me.I could hear voices of my friends telling me to do things to come out of that world.It was like a game to do tasks successfully and enter to next level.I was sure that when I reached the final level I will come out of this digital world.Slowly I started scaring that there is no way I could come out this world,my body was outside the computer and my soul was being traped inside.There were levels where I have to tell the hight of buildings and remember the vehicle numbers and clues hidden in advertisement hoardings and somehow I have to clear all these levels.I was scared that if I won't use my brain my blood pressure and heart rate will collapse and I would die.So I started playing sudoku,chess and puzzles to kept my brain active and i avoid sleeping otherwise i would die.I started learning guitar and I was able to play those music which I hadn't learned.After medication I came out of these hallucination and deluision.Now I am stable and wonder that how powerfull our brain is and what it can achieve.
vvkmarandi vvkmarandi
22-25, M
May 21, 2012