Need Help!

I'm fifteen years old and I'm starting to get confused. About everything.
I see things in the corner of my eyes like smoke and shadows. They dissapear as soon as I look at it, but I know it's there. I see people walking past me sometimes, especially when I'm alone.
I think about weird things when I'm alone. When my dogs or cats stare at me, I think they are demons trying to kill me. Sometimes I think it's a crazy idea, but other times I know it's true. I think paper and plants have feelings. I have always thought that.
I don't know what to do. I get nervous sleeping in dark rooms. I'm tense when I'm by myself but I hate being around people. I get depressed all the time and want to scream in the middle of class. I actually have to bite my tongue to stop the urge.
I'm scared I will end up killing myself. I don't know if it's voices telling me to do it or just yself. Either way, I keep hurting myself and can't help it.
Please, I need help! I don't know if I'm going insane or am just very paranoid.
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seek mental health

Since you are on the "I have Schizophrenia" group do you actually know you have schizophrenia or are you just kind of wondering if that is what it is?

I was just wondering what it was. I heard about it a couple of times so i started reading stories about it.

You could google your "symptoms" (anything you find to be a little odd or off), it's no doctor that's for sure but it gets you started. I recommend seeing a professional though if it all keeps up.

Your "voices" may be seperate personalities. I have 7 other counterparts, so I know what it's like. Accepting that you are DID and organizing yourself can help A LOT. If you don't do something soon, there is a chance you could start losing sanity. The paranoia could be that there is actually something there. The idea of your dogs and cats is subconciusly influenced by the fact that there is somehing around you. If you don't believe in ghosts, BELIEVE. When you see the "smoke or shadows" your are most likely sensing energy, andd your mind converts it into a visual. This is completly normal. Seeing energy is what I do best. I see ghosts, but not as whole beings, but like ripples in the air. I have a dead best friend named Matty. Having a friend like him can actually help you. Whether you choose to believe he/she is real, or an imaginary friend is up to you. Lastly, when you feel that paper and plants have feeling, it could be that there is something inhabiting the ob<x>ject. Howver, I don't know if this is true or not. Just my assumption, <br />
Anyway, just remember that there's lots of people like you out in the world. We got your back!

Alright. Thanks a lot! :)

^_^ You're quite welcome! Glad I could help!