Noiseless: The Good Years.

I decided to name this story(my third story if anyone is counting or following the stories) the good years. I think this is a good title for this story because from 7th grade until around 10th grade my life was going really well. My friend Amber has been one of my bestfriends since 1st grade. Around 7th grade I met another very good friend named CoriAnne. Althought we knew each other before 7th grade We became closer around this time. We both were into the same things such as the same music (at the time some pretty emo dark stuff) We deffinately were not the most popular. and around 7th grade she was almost the only person I could relate too. I guess if you had to lable us at the time we were very Gothic like. Alot of young teens are I guess. But not at my school. Almost all of the kids in my 7th-8th grade life wanted to wear hollister and AE and whatever else. I didnt have a dislike for either stores but rathered darker clothing. We both loved to read vampire books and talk about mythical creatures. We both liked the same dark music and clothing. We would talk for hours and it never got boring (it still isnt). I remeber we both kinda figured we were dorky goth nerds and we only had each other. For while she really was the only person in my life. Our friendship has only grown closer threw the years. I guess between 7th to 9th grade I felt pretty good about myself. I still have not told anyone of my hallucinations or voices. But having such a close bond with someone made things a bit better. We consider each other a sister and we wouldnt change that even now. I consider her closer then a friend she is more of family like a sister. In 8th grade we became more less gothic and more of just dorky chicks with a dark side who enjoyed videogames, harry potter, metal music and get the picture. I truely believe having a good friend and someone who excepts you helps so much with anyone even if you arent mentally ill. I remeber CoriAnne never judging me. Not once in my life have I felt self conscious about myself around her. We would go to the mall and have a good time just acting crazy and picking on each other. sleep overs were always fun(even if cori snors like a beast) and we never once got into a fight we wouldnt forget abour 5 minutes later. Maybe this story isnt as interesting as my past two and maybe it isnt much about ym schizophrenia. But she has helped me in accepting and loving myself more then she will ever know even when my schizophrenia got bad. We dont see each other as much anymore and I decided to go to a different highschool then CoriAnne and Amber. I was all by myself I knew almost no one at my new highschool, was one of my best and worst decisions(this will probably be story #4) But this story right here, this one is deffinately a thank you to CoriAnne and just shows how a good friendship can help anyone no matter what.
noiseless noiseless
18-21, F
Sep 9, 2012