It Starts With One.

I have a goal.
I want to not only raise awareness about Schizophrenia but to connect those without this disorder to those who do have it. I want to somehow show ways they can at least slightly relate to us, even if I cannot show them the magnitude. Slight understanding is better than none. I want to show them that although this disorder can be impairing it is not always disabling, and when it is I would like to show them how to understand and help. We may not all have someone else with Schizophrenia in our lives, but we don't have to be alone in this. I am determined to close the gap between understood and misunderstood.

It starts with one person.
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1 Response Sep 23, 2012

How much can it really help? There's no cure. It gets progressively worse over time. I understand what you're doing, but I guess I just don't get how it helps. And now that I think about it, I really don't know anyone in my day to day life with the disease (except myself). So, I've never seen first-hand how this effects anyone else, but what do you mean by "impairing" instead of "disabling?" Whenever I have symptoms they're actually quite "disabling." I'm not sure all the understanding in the world could help with that. Then again, other people might have more "mild" cases of the disease? And sentiment helps somehow? I don't know.

Would it not help you to have a support system, people who help you cope with what is (you're right) a permanent disorder? Instead of fearing that everyone sees you differently knowing that there are people who aren't judging you, who are trying to help and give you support? Helping people understand (as much as possible) what they don't understand or even fear can only help everyone true? Erasing stigma of any kind only benefits people I feel.
I'm not claiming it as a cure I'm claiming it would make some people's lives more manageable and tolerable maybe even easier.

And you can be "impaired" by something by having it make things more difficult or "disabled" by it be making it impossible.

Keeping my life afloat is a full time job. Worrying about what people see from me tends to be an incentive to keep appearances, and so I behave better than I would have otherwise. I'm sure I'd do much worse if everyone were to coddle me, because I'm afraid there's no way for them to understand. Any image they will ever have will always be incomplete. Any support can be a bother if not done correctly. Look, you have your way of seeing this issue. I have mine. I don't think it will be helpful. Perhaps because I've compared help to no help and found one better than the other like yourself. Neither will ever be able to convince the other I presume.