Talk To Me

well today i been feeling realy on endge and my voices in my head whrere talking to and i,am
hearing them know and one a women and one a men and i feeling like i talk back to the and they
talk back to me my doctors gave me medcations and i fill it only works when i,am not stress out like today and my sexdrive is ruined and i feel like i,am being punished cause i was raped and i,am only twenty five i was raped five years ago and i haven,t realy got over that my hymen tore.
and i was raped twice so i mentally messed up an emontianly reck from what happened to me and
so i been feeling like i write in my dairy and that helps me vent out my feeling for the day and so i,am not realy like this all the time only when my hymen sarts to be painfull tearing bleeding and
causing me pain phamtom limb and that like i,am feeling like my hymen their again and i,am being
raped all over again and my therpist listeing but dose she realy understand me. and so my hymen gone know and i miss it like in heaven whrere my hymen comes down from and stays for
awhile talk to me and i say i miss you and then she leaves me and i cant lose my hymen again
it like i lost someone when you left me pleasas come back to me.voices in my head are like allways remding me of rape and abuse. and well my mind slips away into the past and i,am their
in 2009 when it happened to me.
barribi barribi
22-25, F
Jan 10, 2013