Not Diagnosed But Have The Symptoms

I have this voice in my head and the name is Red. He is very violent and tells me to jump out cars, cut myself, and throw fits. I have violent meltdowns and I give in on the voices.

My mom thinks I am schizophrenic. I always think someone is gonna hurt me or poison me. I am very scared all the time and I have imaginary friends. My relatives don't know but if they do I will be the joke of the family.

My physchiatrist won't diagnose me he keeps putting me on different meds. I was on Zyprexa, Seroquel, Abilify, and Luvox CR.
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4 Responses Jan 20, 2013

I hope you get properly diagnosed and find treatment that works. My voices told me once to jump in front of a bus, and another time to pull out my eye. I was placed on Zyprexa, and that was the end of the voices. I'm still taking the drug, and have been told I have to for the rest of my life.

Some drugs can make you fat, which adds to the self-image problem. Take care.

My Dr waited a whole year and a stabbing to diagnose me. I would ask your Dr so much that he has to give you an answer. Until that answer comes, hang in there the best you can. My voices told me to do things similar to Red says. I know it is rough, but please understand that you do not have to listen to Red.

i am sorry for you ♥ ; ^ ;
i am not diagnosed either and i am afraid, but things are a bit out of control.. i have many see-thru friends that only me can hear and see sometimes ; ~ ;
i am very afraid of taking those drugs.. they can harm your body you know..