Need Advice From Schizophrenics

I am nervous about what to say durring my evaluation. Do I tell him about my spiritual beliefs? I have been told to and that it only helps my case, but I'm not sure if it's a good idea. Will my case be thrown out because it's a controversial subject?

To lots of people it will sound totally insane, and to others completely normal. What am I talking about you ask? Seeing spirits, being empathic, practicing witchcraft, speaking with Gods and Goddesses, and being possessed often. For alot of schizophrenics, voices and things are always violent and sometimes I get those but not all the time. No one tells me to hurt myself or anyone else, but that others may have ill will toward me. And that bugs me alot.

Is this something I should mention? These aren't things that bother me other than the paranoia that someone is trying to hurt or sabatoge me in some way. So if they aren't a problem should I bring them up anyway? I mean clearly to alot of people being a witch with power could be considered a delusion, but its not to me.

Please be honest. I am nervous and I need to know wether I should keep this to myself or not.
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Never let people judge you on your beliefs regardless of what they are. I am a Christian and I know that spirits are real. Whenever I think I am having hallucinations, I have to make sure that it isn't a spirit. I know people really do see them. It is hard to distinguish between fact and fantasy though. Be completely honest with them. They can try to preach at you all they want, but will that really change what you see? I pray your evaluation goes well.

Thank you :-)

ABSOLUTELY tell them . . . they are not there to judge you or take away your beliefs . . . you get to keep those when you leave the office . . . hahaha . . . seriously hun . . . tell them everything honestly just what you experience exactly . . . you know me . . . I have the same issues you do . . . paranoid . . . yesss . . . but when I was admitted . . . now keep in mind noone ever knew . . . in 30 years I had a problem . . . but I could not take it anymore and attempted suicide over it . . . knowing I could not sink any further then I did . . . I came clean and told them everything honestly . . . despite the paranoia . . . and being afraid of what they may think of me . . . but I figure I was willing to die for it . . . may as well try it the right way and see what happens . . . well all that happened to me was a diagnosis . . . and I came away with my beliefs and everything still in tact . . . no one tried to hurt me with it or convince me otherwise . . . or say I was nuts for my beliefs . . . it was all very clinical . . . they evaluated me . . . gave me a diagnosis and a medicine that makes me normal . . . I still have my wiccan beliefs . . . just not the paranoia . . . and I can actually get close to people and trust a little . . . at least enough to make a friend or two . . . where as before the meds you would never have seen me on a public web site like this . . . let alone a social one . . . so I did nothing but benefit from my experience and you will too . . . just be honest . . . tell them EVERYTHING . . . and I promise you sister . . . YOU WILL BE OK . . . love you . . . keep me posted . . . ok ? . . .

Thank you sister. I just didn't want them to make a disgnosis based on that, then have me question myself even more than I do now. It's been a difficult time latelt. I will be honest about everyrhing. I love you too. Thank you so much.