It all started with me hearing voices. At first, it was like as if someone called me, but nobody actually did. then, i started hearing random conversations, both inside and out of my head. It's like a tape being played in my head and its really annoying. It became too hard to concentrate on people who are actually talking to me with the voices going on in my head.

there were hallucinations as well. i used to see shadows at night and somehow i knew that they were out there to hurt me. there were times i used to talk to myself, i think i kind of had imaginary friends and it was comforting cause i thought they understood me. i preferred to stay alone with my thoughts and didn't enjoy the company of my closest people.

but now...... i saw a girl. she came to my house when i was alone one day. i didn't know her but there was a recognition in her eyes. she talked to me an told me that she is my friend. then i realized that she was the one i used to talk to. she told me not to be scared and that she will be there for me.
then she went. but i liked her and wanted her to stay.

i am seeing a psychiatrist. not sure what really i should do. haven't told my doctor everything. but now,the voices are getting scarier. they tell me not to trust anybody. they once told me to cut myself but i refrained myself from doing it.
i don't know what's going on and i am really scared. i am on medication. have these symptoms but otherwise i am fine. yeah.....i am having a hard time with emotions though. doesn't seem to feel much these days.

i really don't know what's real and what's not.
if you have something similar then let me know.
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Tell ur doctor