I Am Schizoaffective

As of late I'm noticing more and more of a sexual decline and the lack of wanting to be around people. Even those I love. I just don't want them seeing what a horrible person I am.
I feel like I am totally slipping from the world. I have to actively control what I say or think because they can hear me think or judge what I say. I feel like I'm stupid, they say I'm stupid. The voices are usually either two main. a male whose voice i know but cant pin, and a female, a more invasive and mean version of myself.

I swear my ex is out to get me, he's trying to have me put away. He stole my daughter from me for a month and he is my work boss.

DistortedPerceptions DistortedPerceptions
22-25, F
1 Response Jan 24, 2013

I thought people read my mind too, and my ex is obsessed as well