And I just finished my last group sessions so im out in the real world and looking for friends who also have schizophrenia to relate to
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Hey , I'm Kayla ! I'm trying to make new friends,

I have schizophrenia ( or at least I've been diagnosed) and I also need a friend

I have Schizoaffective disorder which is kinda like schizophrenia. You can message me anytime.

ive experience schizoprenia too but im healed now, what i did is i went to the doctor for 4 months but the average of seeing the doctor is 6 months,
i didnt finish coz here in our county the medicine is expensive, the sickness did came back after 2 months but what i did is when i heard voices, i dont answer back i ignore them, if i see something different i dont give meaning to them just ignore them,i shut down my brain from thinking anything, then i pray all the time, i did yoga, do running, exercise, jumping, jumping jacks too.. have a massage, have more sleep too..
i also light an aroma therapy candle coz it realxes me..coz you need more dopamine happy to a friend, be busy..go outside..and have faith.. Jesus Heals and will cast all negative thoughts and whoever is around also this the edmr theraphy on you tube
and also swimming and jumping rope, any cardio activity exercise...

i dont suffer from it but if you want a friend then i would love to offer my help