So I finally made an appointment to get tested. I'm so incredibly nervous though. I've never shared any of the things that have happened to me with any one before. I covered the surface with one of my friends and she stopped being friends with me. I fleetingly mentioned some details to the counselor at my school I went to for my anxiety and she skipped over them and never said anything so I just stopped and didn't talk about it anymore. I'm finally going to pull someone into this mess with me and see if I can get it figured out. It's a guy therapist though, which I'm a bit unhappy about due to a lot of my fear issues being related to guys, and having a lot of issues in regard to sexual things (just awkward to talk about with a guy in my opinion.) Maybe after the test or whatever they'll let me switch therapists. Or maybe he'll be really nice and I'll feel comfortable with him who knows.

Anyways here's to hoping for the best. This could either go really well, or ruin therapy for me forever. Time will tell. My appointment is in September.
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Hey good luck on your appointment. Also, try to think of it like "I'm dealing with schizophrenia" not "I am schizophrenic" that help's me see my self as a normal person like any one else.

I like that, thanks

Good luck!
What sort of things make you think you have schizophrenia?

I've posted some other experiences in this group so check em if you're interested. I'm too lazy to retype it all haha. I'm not sure if it's schizophrenia so much as anxiety related psychosis

I read some of your previous posts and I'm glad you're going to see a dr. They will be able to help you get back on track.
If you ever need to talk I'm here.