Is anyone happily married with this disease? Or in a successful relationship? If so, any advice for how to make it work?? All comments are welcome...
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I have been diagnosed with what was formerly paranoid schizophrenia, now just schizophrenia. I am married with three children. I know it isn't easy for anyone but my best advice is to make sure to stay on medicine. They no longer classify subtypes but from what I've learned individuals with symptoms that would have been considered "paranoid schizophrenia" are much more likely to have successful relationships.

SecNotSure: the reason, the primary reason, I became a member of EP was to get in touch with people who also have schizophrenia. Check my info out and add me if you want, I'd love to chat with you.

I'm the ill part of a successful relationship with schizophrenia. We've been together for eleven years, all due to honesty. You need to be completely honest with your partner, if youre hearing voices: TELL THEM. Love is possible, and absolutely deserved.

Thank you for the reply! I have been off and on with my ex fiancé and I want nothing more in the world than to work things out with him. I am happy to know that's possivle

I read so much negativity on the Internet while researching the subject that it makes me want to just give up but I have to remain positive

Hey, this may sound like a cliche but really, talk to your partner. The scariest secret I ever shared was that of being ill. The most wonderful surprise was being accepted. It helps if you tell your partner about triggers and symptoms and I wish you all the love you deserve.

I will do that! Honesty is definitely a good way to go! Thanks for the feedback! :)

No problem. Our affliction is one of the most cruel, and I wish you relief from the hands of your loved one. Be brave.

Thanks girl! :) You too!

I hope this boy of yours is worth you! Hey, I'd like to maybe private message you, I'm new to this game.

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A precarious equilibrium of uppers and downers...

I have no idea. Take your meds. Don't smoke weed. Don't bottle thoughts in. Just be open with whoever you're going out with (which should be standard procedure for any "successful" relationship).