Illuminati Recruits Me Or So I Thought

It all started at the end of November 2008, my computer started acting up and it was directing me to websites and alternative styled information. I still believe that somehow someone or something was connecting with me and setting me up for failure. A lot of the information that came up was synchoronized. I understand this is typical of a schizophrenic to say these things. After staying up about 48 hours plugged into this I received a call from Adam V. of Cambridge Communications to offer me a job at Centcom in Tampa, Florida working in a cyber intelligence related position. All the information that I was receiving through the computer related to the Illuminati and other various things. 

This information and the lack of sleep caused psychosis and my brain literally split thus schizophrenia. I began going out into the night believing my every move was being watched and that I had been chosen for a special mission. I roamed the streets through alleyways, bars, and ectera searching out the clues that would lead me to the next place I was supposed to be. Each clue seemed to match with the previous clue. One point really scared me when I was walking down the street I could hear the water flowing down the street and as I was listening there was a distinct sound of someone putting their feet in the water and as I looked back I saw the outline of a foot but nobody was there; it was as if someone invisible was following me. At another point I broke into a hair salon thinking I was on a mission to prove I could be loyal to the Illuminati or whomever was recruiting me, I thank God everyday that no one was in there because that mission would've have led to someone being seriously hurt and I expected to hurt someone.

In the end, the only thing that was hurt was my pride knowing that I was no longer going to be the healthy man I used to be. But, I thank God for having been in the military and the VA taking care of me and making sure I'm on my medications. I have never had a problem with the VA. Today, the medication works well and I just bought a new house, drive a beamer, have a beautiful dog and tonight my brother and grandparents came over and we cooked some steaks and played billiards. Life couldn't be better and there is hope it just takes awhile to see it. I still may not know what actually happened but it doesn't really matter cause I'm happy and well taken care of.

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Maybe they weren't following you,maybe that was just a hallucination?I don't want you to live in fear...I'm really glad you're okay and thank you for telling us this

The same thing has happened to me when I was looking for answers they were calling me a sociopath and when I was on my phone these articles about it would pop up and I don't know how because I hadnt even typed anything in to search. A couple months ago this one site poppeed up about the illuminati and I read it and what they were saying seemed to make sense but Im scared Im being led in the wrong direction

The Illuminati are real. You deserve to call yourself a schizophrenic.

it is illumanti thats how the (one perecenters) have their fun... wealthiest families in the the USA. They do this via sattelite technology.

I had the same experience, I was convinced i was being watched and monitored by the illuminati and that i was being sent hidden messages through the tv and radio and that i was being gang stalked in public by agents trying to recruit me. I was seeing and hearing hidden messages for me in movies and over peoples conversations that were meant to lead me to a hidden truth and the answer to my initiation. After a few months i wrote a message on facebook hoping that i would get a reply from someone to prove me correct and the very next day i was raided by the FBI and they came to my house to question me on my post. I was convinced it was part of the initiation and interogation so i explained all my theories and delusions to the Agents in charge and that i believed i was the chosen one. I told them i was psychic and that i could read minds and that i knew all their secrets. They determined that i was just schizophrenic and let me go. I was hospitalized and put on medication and after a few months my delusions went away. I finally got back to reality after a year long psychotic episode. It was fun at the time thinking i was so important but after nothing happened and the medicine kicked in i stopped thinking about all that stuff and got back on with my life. Im back in school, going for an engineering degree and almost finished with college.

Hi there mate something similar happened to me in fact exactly the same but instead I took off to Spain searching for clues what triggered mine off was I was listening to radio on my iPhone and thought the DJ was trying to tell me secret massages then I would pick up a newspaper and think the story's got masages hidden inside that's trying to tell me about my mission and it got so worst that I use to watch TV and think they were talking about me I thought people were trying to do illusion and following me and every passer by that went pass me was trying to say something to but I fact they were just on the phone speaking to a friend or just some one that was next to them for the last 2 years I'm OK I'm on sodium valporade 500 mg 2 times a day and resperidome 1 mg once a day

It makes me glad to know that I am not the only one that struggles or has struggled with these kinds of things. It also makes me glad that you are now able to get on with life. There is always hope. Thank you for sharing. :)

Welcome back to normality. Do you miss your fantasy world? I miss mine. My life had such meaning and I felt really important, but then the meds took it all away. I also used to believe that computers are hooked up to some special covert source that were trying to lead me somewhere or were telling me secret things. I had bugs/glitches happen to me at strange moments. I always thought that god was telling me something. One of them was when I was about to send a very special massive message to all my contacts at once, and then the internet stopped working all of a sudden. When I was little, the computer mouse would be high jacked and scramble all over the screen. I thought someone possessed my computer or something. And then when I was psychotic, I was listening to the spirits, which made my computer crash in a weird unusual way. And recently, I was going to talk to my special friend that I was afraid to talk to and haven't spoken to for more than a year, and MSN messenger closed and crashed on me. I thought that it meant I wasn't supposed to talk to him.