I Am Fearful Of People

I have paranoia when I am with people. Even if it is one person. I feel like they could do something that would harm me even if they are weaker than me. In school I know all the answers to things and I want to answer th e questions. I don't because then everyone would look at me and I fear that since I don't get the answers wrong that I think they plot to kill me simply because I am better than them. I am always inside my own little world. I always get bulllied. I just don't like leaving my house. Last Summer the only times I left my house was when I was forced to.
DevinTimes2 DevinTimes2
18-21, M
1 Response May 15, 2012

I have it to my friend . . . and yeah it's just like that . . . been this way all my life . . . I'm 45 now . . . just wanted you to know you are not alone . . . and tell you I just found a medicine that works for me called abilify back in January of this year . . . and I can't say enough about the stuff . . . took me 15 years to find something that actually works for me . . . but now it has given me my life back and am actually happy and normal now . . . just saying don't give up on looking for something for it . . . I do not know if you take meds. for it but I hope you are trying to get help . . . you too can have a whole new life and love it with happiness . . . I really never thought life could be this good . . . good luck my friend . . .