Fear and Loathing

I have SPD. Im not sure what else to say. I'm really just curious to meet others who share in my "madness".

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3 Responses Oct 15, 2008

I know your story is really old . . . but if you want to talk . . . friend me . . . I have it too . . .

I don't actually think that I have this. I've never been diagnosed. My personality sort of fits the desc<x>riptions I read. But I just think that I am a unique person with unique beliefs and ideas (just like everyone else) and I am extremely socially awkward. But I hope whatever problems you have they are taken care of and made easier for you.

I was pondering the other day why no one seems to take interest in me or share in my ideas. This in turn has given me social anxiety. I was researching stuff and landed on spd. Idk if I actually have it either but it sort of explains why I am the way I am.

Sorry to hear this,I hope many others will contribute to this post.