I have been suffering with this problem for last couple months. It's killing me although mine isn't that severe to numb me but still it's a constant pain around my left butt and it burns as I sit. I cant handle this no more I feel like it's a worse problem than aids or herpes. It just won't ever go away I am assuming! I don't wanna do any surgery because it will cause me more pain down the road and 90 percent people who go through this Microdiscectomy ends up going through more surgeries like the dangerous ones spinal fusion and what not! I am scared to death thinking about all these and I feel suicidal. Any hope anyone? Can I ever be normal again?
mzzyhmd mzzyhmd
26-30, M
1 Response Aug 17, 2014


can u tell me a little detail of ur problem,
might i can suggest something that can relieve ur pain