This Really Sucks

I have never felt pain like this, not even when my 10 lb 11.5 oz son was born. I teach zumba and i have to be able to move. I have no insurance and i don't have a bunch of kids and im not on wellfare so i can not get tenn care. My lower back barely hurts but my butt to my calf feels like someone is tugging on both ends of my muscle. After four days of my *** spasming down to my calf, like the worst charlie horse i have ever had, i went to the ER and they gave me a shot and some flexeral which is useless. I really feel like taking a knife and cutting this nerve out of my leg. Please help, what the heck can i do to get relief!!!!!   i have already tried, all and every dumb stretch on line, soaking in epsom salt, trying moist heat, and ice, i even put some biofreeze on it, and went to a chiropractor, please help, if u know anything that will help text me 615-489-0083 i am desparate for some relief
koolgreenakers koolgreenakers
May 9, 2012