Three Laws That Destroy Materialism

1) The law of conservation of energy

Energy cannot be created or destroyed, but changed to other forms. The energy in the universe must have a source.

2) Newton's second law

objects at rest remain at rest unless acted upon by a force. Assuming the atoms in our universe appeared 'spontaneously', they would need a force to start expanding.

3) Thermodynamics

2nd law of thermodynamics states that isolated systems reach maximum entropy. It is not known at the time whether the universe is an isolated system or not. The first law states that energy is always lost, and the third law states that the entropy will become constant as the temperature becomes zero. Since energy is always lost, the universe's energy will eventually hit zero and end. What has an end, must have a beginning.
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"Since energy is always lost, the universe's energy will eventually hit zero and end"The energy is not lost... the heat death of the universe refers to the energy becoming equal throughout the universe. It doesn't 'hit zero'... it simply evens out.
In fact, that appears to be the purpose of matter...bound energy is an efficient mechanism for converting energy into unbound energy (beaches receive solar energy all day, but they don't eventually melt... that's because the bound solar energy is radiated away as unbound heat).
It's actually quite difficult to address the remainder of your post, because it contains a number of logical errors, and seems to completely disregard the Big bang (and the evidence for that).
It would be helpful if you could perhaps restate your argument a little more clearly.

Energy is not created and is the basic building block of everything in the universe. Either a). God is energy (and thus religion is pointless) or b). God didn't create energy (and we need to find a new source that somehow allows something to come into existence without a creative act).

Needing a force does not presuppose the need for a god.

As for the third law - since energy can't be destroyed, wouldn't it be better to say that energy is transferred, rather than "lost?"

God is energy. Religion is kind of like symbolism of science. Ever heard of sacred geometry? And religion helps people apply the use of the Law of Attraction. But I believe it was corrupted to enslave humans outsmarting and confusing humans so they willingly give up their free-will and 'believe'. Or something along those lines lolol

^my opinion. Not facts. Lol just making that clear so you don't hate on me for 'trying to change you' as some people claim.