Proof Of The One Perfect God


Proof of the one God
Christ Jesus-Jesus Christ-The holy spirit of, myself, and I.

        You are made up in the image of God, in the figure of God; 24/7/12.
2 arms, 2 legs, 10 fingers, ten toes, 7 holes in your head. 12 main joints-2 wrists, 2 elbows, 2 shoulders, 2 ankles, 2 knees, and 2 hips.
6 on each side, equaling  12... 24/7/12 is the image of God that we are made in.

24 elders around the throne of God, 7 stars in his son's hand, 7 candlesticks which represent the 7 churches, the 7 stars of the 7 angels. 12 desciples sat on 12 thrones which will judge the 12 tribes of Isreal., and shall lead them into the  12 gates of Jerusalem, which shall be hence down from the Father, to the son. The 12 disciples shall lead in 12,000 of each of 12 tribes, equaling 144,000, and there will be 1,144 minutes in a day.

       That's what Stonehenge really is;  the clock, the compass, and the calendar...the so called star of David. It's all the figure of God, laid out upon the Earth. They  are all one and the same...and yes, they all  make up the Jewish 6 point star. It is all 24/7/12...a full circle, never ending, the figure of God.

       One God in three; Christ Jesus-Jesus Christ-And the Holy, myself, and I. ONE GOD.

       He is a perfect God in all his works, and in all his ways. He must do all things perfect-by the numbers.
                         2 twelves in one day, to make up 24.
24/7/12 is a full circle, it is forever. Mathematically 24/7/12 is the figure of God.
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3 Responses Nov 24, 2009

First off, "image" or "likeness" does not refer to any physical characteristics. It refers to that like God, humans have free will.

The Bible is not sufficient proof that God exists - only that poetry was already quite advanced in the Ancient Hebrew tradition.

Hmm. Imperial units? Have we thrown God's divine plan away by going metric? What were the SI people thinking...

God is man's greatest invention