Episcleritis And Scleritis Problem For 3 Months / Age Of 30, Male, Reason Unknown

I am 30 years old , male, no medication history in the past. I work as IT professional in US for 4 years. I relocate from TN to NC because of new job in Feb 2012.

-Two weeks after reaching the new place, I realized that my LEFT eye has redness and didn't go away.

- Go see the eye doctor and diagnosed as epicscleritis and TMF steroid eye drop was prescribed. RIGHT eye started to get redness also after using it for 3 days on LEFT eye

- Go visit the same doctor again and she changed the speculation saying it may be because allergy. Doctor changed the eye drops because of high ocular tension. Also, another anti-allergy eye drops was given.

- Sooner use the anti-allergy eye drop, eye is like bleeding, I stop using it right away. Then go see another eye doctor in a so-called top-tier medical center. Prednisolone Acetate steroid eye drop is prescribed as well as anti-virus pill ( doctor didn't figure out what's wrong, so just eliminate any possibility) & dilated eye drop

- Done a bunch of blood test, urine test and Chest X-ray . Doctors said ruling out other possible disease is necessary !

- Now is mid May 2012, so far all the tests didn't come out any positive ( seems normal), but the condition of eyes is fluctuated up and down. Eye did get better after 2 weeks using the new doctor's medication, which gave me a lot of hope. However, it seems rebound effect showed up. Sever headache come back again.

Does anyone has similar problem as me ? around age of 30, male, reason unknown ??

I will say you have to meet the right doctor and your life will be much easier.
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My boyfriend has been SUFFERING with scleritis since the beginning of November. He has been treated by an eye doc with steriod drops and a drop to dilate his pupil...he is also up to 80mg of steroids on a daily basis. He has also been to the rheumatologist and there has been no progress. We/He are growing weary of this because no one can seem to give him any answers. Any suggestions?


I am sorry to hear this. I will strongly suggest you guys go to find a experienced Rheumatologist. About 50% of the patients suffering scleritis have underlining autoimmune disease. It really depends that when and where the underling disease manifest in whole body. I hope your boyfriend aren't one of these unlucky. Just go find a "good" rheumatologist who can really sort out things. Meanwhile, pay attention to several symptoms which seem minor. Sometimes it is a hint that tell you something, e.g. joint pain, swollen joints, mouth sores, rash, low-temperature fever, things like that.

I eventually identified the underline disease that caused my scleritis problem with the help of Rheu doctor. So I treated the underlining problem, scleritis then go remission.

Hi, is your scleritis still in remission?

Yeah. My eye problem is in remission for about 2 Yr. However there are many things happening during this two-year time frame. I was finally diagnosed with a rare autoimmune disease so a systematical medication has been used in regular basis. No anti-inflammatory eye drops and oral prednisone are used, but a bio agent named Remicade has been used in infusion since.

Stick with the eye specialist. This can be a reoccuring problem, and it can progress into scleritis. I have suffered with episcleritis and scleritis for over 18 years now. Although medical tests come out normal now, you'll have to periodically do them again, since in over half the cases, there is an underlying systemic disease (autoimmune), and nothing showed up for years with me. I wish you lots of luck, because in many cases in won't progress. Just be informed just in case, read up on this. The steroid eye drops can raise your eye pressure leading to glaucoma - and also cataracts. I have both. They won't work for long if you keep getting flares, so you'll end up on meds like prednisone, which also is loaded with side effects and can raise your eye pressure. It is tough to deal with if it becomes cronic!


Thanks for your feedback. I am so sorry you suffered the same problem as me. I think I got scleritis after being diagnosed by the eye doctor in a top-tier medical center. I currently only take Naproxen based on doctor's opinion since I have been using Prednisolone Acetate eye drop for two months to treat the uveitis and iris ( complication from slceritis). Doctor said I should stop the eye drop since the inflammation inside the eyes is gone,

Will see how it goes with the pills.