Gurl Wiv A Curved Spine

Hey. Well its clear i have scoliosis but i didnt find out till it had really affected me. when my mum was 26-27 she had real pain on her spine i was about 8, i hated seeing my mum in pain but lucky for her it stopped and wasnt as badly affected as mine is now. when i turned 12 in december last year we didnt exactly see this coming. in the early months of febuary 2010 my mm noticed the symptons my appoitment was on april first. previously before that i skipped school and went of to my mums hospital the royal free, south hampstead and her mate jo even said i had it, and that it was proabably genetic. so of we go april first with x rays and chats and talks. turns out my angle was 58 degrees and growing. bad! this would mean no choice of a brace for me, just surgery lucky me right? she booked me with one of the best doctors for my case dr mark paterson. who worked part time at the royal london the hospital i go. so my next appoitment was august 3rd. and today is august 6th. and you know what? during that time i came to the conclusion that i wanted surgery get it over and done with. i was fed up of missing pe lessons, girls in my class excluding me coz i was different. so of we went to the appoitment on tuesday 3rd up early and all that jazz, i dressed up nice/casual turns out they got the appoitment wrong! so what now? well we have to wait till september 3rd to go back the day after i start year 8. but i just wanna say this. at first i hated the world when i found out i had scoliosis. i thought "ive done nothing wrong, why me?". but now i realise that even if i have a 60 degree curved spine which is getting worse so what? sure im not "normal" but im going to survive it at least. some kids younger than us have things like cancer, lukemia and so much worse. but so what were unique and thats what makes us better than those people that dont understand. so so what i have a twisted spine? im proud of it coz thats what makes me, lauren marie edwards, me. thats what makes me Elle. xxxx ill keep updated for those of you.
gurlwivacurvedspine2010 gurlwivacurvedspine2010
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i hope this helps with people similar to my case. and people with it. or even people interested in it. xx