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Well, I'm 15 years old and I just recently found out I have scoliosis. Apparently, I've had it for time now and I have two curves: I have a 57 degree thoracic curve and a 32 degree lumbar. My doctors said I had to get surgery. My back pains me from time to time, so when I found out that I could fix the problem I was all for it. However, I just now randomly decided to really look in to scoliosis and surgery for it. I'm already pretty tall and I hear that you recover some height, and wanted to know how much do you gain? 3 inches or more? I also wanted to know how bad the scar would look because I was looking at pictures of other people's scars and theirs looked horrible. I'm a dancer and I didn't know if getting the surgery done would affect my flexibility. I also wanted to know if I would lose my back arch and my back dimples (not that I really care about them, just out of curiosity). I live in New York and my doctor didn't really give me information on scoliosis. He just said that 1) I had it. 2) It was pretty bad. 3) I needed surgery. So please comment if you have any information. Thanks :)
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Oh & I don't really know how to answer the scar question, because mine is still healing hahah

Hey :) I just had the surgery on July 3rd, and I was 15 (my birthday is July 19th, so I'm 16 now). I was 5ft 1/2in before the surgery and now I'm 5'2 so I mean, you don't gain that much height & I have back dimples too and they're still there. I'm a cheerleader so I know the concerns you have with like losing flexibility and stuff & my surgeon said that it depends on what is fused. I was T3-L2 and he said that my flexibility wouldn't be affected because there is still vertebrae on the bottom that wasn't fused. I just have to wait 6 months to a year until I can stunt & tumble again. And for the first 3 months after surgery, you're not aloud to bend, lift things, or twist. And I'm from New York too! Hahaha my surgeon was Doctor Lonner and I recommend him, I'm 21 days post-op and I'm not in pain and I'm walking and sitting fine, I'm just very sore, like how you feel after a long workout, but it's less and less every day! And I should be able to go out with my friends by this time next week :-)