My Worst Nightmare Of Living With Scoliosis

I have bn leaving with scoliosis for the past 11yrs.the past few years hev bn beta bcoz the pain was nt too bt nw its too mch.I cnt do a lot of things lyk my peers,its so frustrating.i cry almost every.Am in my early 20s bt i fl lyk am very old.i easily get tired,i got back pains,smtyms its lyk my back is on fire,i cnt walk long distances,i cnt cary heavy stuff,i js cnt fit in with my frenz.I tried 2 luk 4 a job n i cnt find 1.i fl useless,wen i luk at myself in the mirrior it breaks my heart.To mek matters worse the pipo around me dnt seem to understand wat i go thru each n evrydaè.sme say am js lazy nd i dnt wna wrk so i js use my condition as an excuse.People think am strong wen they c me smilin bt wat they dnt knw is am dyin inside.Sumtys i js fl lyk i wna end it al n js kil my self.i wish evrythn kudu js b normal.i js wnt 2 b hapy.plz help me find a way 2 deal wit ths nightmare.
Keisha21xy Keisha21xy
5 Responses May 18, 2012

I know how you feel if tried to hide my curve by wearing jackets etc

Please don't give up on yourself! Remember, you're not alone; many of us are going through exactly what you're going through. Have you ever tried wearing a back brace?

The doctors said a brace wnt help cz am old, i was supsd 2 hv a surgery in april bt è doctors js tok sme tests nd cyd they i wna try nd c if they cn hlp me cz è condition z nw complicated.snc then they stl cyn they hvnt a solution.honestly i think they r scared.

hi! keisha, i read your sad experience with scoliosis, im thelma santos from philippines, im suffering from scoliosis before for almost 5 yrs. my doctor from st. lukes med. center advice me to take a surgery. i drink lots of medecine but the pain is still there.but because of the courage and with the help of prayers and do good things to other people..meracoluosly the pain was gone and now im alright i would like to share with you the herbal medecine that i am taking until try this one because its very need to blender this green leaves...malunggay leaves, ampalaya,saluyot,leaves of chili or jalapenos,buko juice,banana lakatan,pineapple. drink half glass everyday after a week..the pain is gone..god bless. i dont know if you have these leaves in your country,but i hope you will try it

Yes i have bt i neva a surgery its complicated

I have to have surgery on my back for scoliosis. Have you seen a specialist?