My Wounded Heart

in my wounded heart
is like a cart
they can ride me
but leave in the longest part
my life is miserable
as the day passes by
it makes more terrible
they tease me in double
and i get into trouble
because of my body position
I ask a question
why people descriminate me?
why they couldn't understand me?
why should i suffer this?
why he couldn't loves me?
I love him secretly
cause i know he couldn't love me perfectly
I'm just a teenager
waiting for a lover
but when i discover
that i inherited my mother
my life is bitter
and have no power
to fell in love deeper
yes,i have a pretty face
but it's just a waste
because i have a scoliosis
that I feel i'm hopeless
but by the way
i just want to say
thanks for descriminating me
and insulting me
but i do believe that god loves me
and he knows who is the real me!!!!!!!!!!!
marivic143 marivic143
18-21, F
Dec 8, 2012