Scoliosis Has Caused A Knot In My Lower Back

Since I was 10, the doctors had said I had mild scoliosis in my lower back(J curve). Surgery was not an option because the curve is too close to my hips and would cause addition problems. Weight bearing stretching was the solution that my bone and joint specialist said to do which helped since I also did sports and weight lifting in high school and was a commuting cyclist in college. Two years ago, I discovered a knot in my lower back where the curve exists. Unfortunately, I cannot afford anything but major medical insurance so a chiro is out of the question. Acupunture didn't help. I once got a sports massage for my birthday and it didn't do much. When I stretch my lower back, I can feel my back pop in a good way, but the know is still there. Rare though, I will wake up with back pain that so great, I can't even bend to tie my shoes. After doing copicious amount of yoga and stretching during the work day, the pain goes away and as long as I do the stretching, the pain will stay away. But the knot is still there.
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Jan 5, 2013