It's Getting Better!

 I had a 35.6 degree curve in my spine, and at first I wore a Boston Brace, because was convinced that it was this way, or the highway, the highway being corrective surgery - I didn't want that. I then looked into chiropractic treatments when the Boston Brace became too uncomfortable, and got a Spinecore brace. I also found out that spines CAN correct themselves with the strengthening of muscles, and so can surgery! My doctors had told me that no brace or treatment or surgery could correct my spine, only hold it. DO NOT BELIEVE THIS - it is a complete and utter LIE. I have been using Spinecore, a flexible and easily-hidden brace/exercise program for a year now. It has brought my curve down to 23.2 degrees! I recommend this treatment to everyone with scoliosis - you could reduce your curvature to 0 degrees, and hold it there for life! :D

BellaLou16 BellaLou16
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1 Response Feb 9, 2009

Thanks for the tip! I'll look into it...