The Invisible Pain

i was born with scoliosis,which to be honest never stopped me living a normal childhood,getting married ,having children,but forty four came the painfull hips,severe back pain, chest pain,rib pain,im now forty six,and unable to walk more than a few feet without the aid of a walking frame,im shrinking,always in pain,even housework brings me to tears,all my doctor can give me is amytripiline,50mg a day,great for sleep but the pain is always there,i walk from my living room to my kitchen,a mere 3 metres and i find my self gripping the work top and crying in pain,ive tried all sorts of pain killers and none can make me walk with out pain,i cannot bend as my lungs feel crushed,i get breathless at the slightest movement beyond my abilities,i cannot cut my own toenails as this causes a congestion in my chest and is very painfull,i use a walking frame,which i can put my weight on off of my back,only to find that my legs hurt ,without the frame i cannot walk very far without severe pain,i feel my future lies in a wheelchair,and im not looking forward to this,im not suitable for surgery i have kidney problems,circulation problems,and sometimes i have what i can only describe what feels like mini heart attack,although i now avoid climbing stairs ,i havent had the heart prob for a while,my ribs squeeze my intestines sometimes reducing me to tears,what my future holds i do not know,does anyone else suffer as i do ? how do u cope with the pain,and the knowledge, that u have to teach your doctor in this,as none of my doctors have ever come across an x ray like mine. i have a deformed kidney which i have many problems with ,my ribs are twisted and one is split in two,one breast has a mass of tangled ribs within it,i have a hump on one of my shoulder blades,and i tilt to the right quite noticeably,i have a short neck,my hairline at the back is at the top of my shoulders,i am 4ft9,the one thing i can be thankfull for is that all my children are tall and healthy.

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1 Response Feb 20, 2009

Just to let you know I also have scoliosis.when I was 13 years old I had surgery I had to Harrington rod in my back and had some discs removed.i to find it really difficult to walk.i have carers' now because I can't even shower myself.i have had a stairlift in handrails throughout my home.a bed riser.and a wet room.i am now having a wheelchair because my hips legs, are to painful.for the last couple of months or so I have been experiencing chest pains which can be in the middle of my chest and it can also move to the left side.
I know what you are going through it's continues pain all the doctor has put me on some really strong painkillers called zapain.i am also on ampitriplin also neurontin,and mirtazapine.but still I feel the hips,back of my neck, knees,shoulders,bottom and top of my back,my legs and ankles also swell fed up of being in pain.i understand completely how you are feeling Do you attend pain clinic.if you don't you should mention it to your doctor it's worth a try.keep your chin up..x