I was diagnosed with lumbar scoliosis when I was 17. Didn't even know I had it until I had to do a physical for school. I started going to an orthopedic every six months for xrays. Found out my curvature is relatively mild (about 30 degrees); however, I have quite a bit of spinal rotation. Stopped going there after I turned 18 because I had pretty much stopped growing. It causes quite a bit of discomfort and pain.. especially when having to sit or stand for long periods of time. I also believe it causes an unbalance and creates a lot of tension in my neck. That's usually what hurts the most. I'm constantly getting tension headaches and the back of my neck will feel extremely tight and painful. It can definitely be a challenge from time to time, but I consider myself very fortunate that my case is no worse than it is.
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I understand what you are going through my back hurts more on some days than others. My was caused by a previous surgery. But I would rather put up with a crooked spine than the tumor in it.

Mine is very much like that too. Some days, I feel great! Others, not so much.
And, yes, absolutely!

Add me if you would like to chat sometime.

Sure thing.

Keep on leading your life, strong and free, with that bright and lovely smile of yours! 😉👍

And even if it isn't you, I'd say the same about the real you. 😊

Lol, it is me. And thank you! 😊

You're gorgeous. Lol 👍

Thank you very much! 😊😊

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Hi dear i've scoliosis too had to undergo surgery unfortunately... I believe you'll go through this:-)

Thank you! Hope you're getting along well with yours! :)

Well let me say,you are beautiful! Glad your doing better now.I will keep you in my mind in prayers:)

Thank you! :)