I was diagnosed with Scoilios nearly three years ago, at the age of 11. I have been wearing a brace and have been getting good results so far! I would love to talk to someone who understands and is going through the same thing 😊💕
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I understand because I too have scoliosis. Feel free to talk to me anytime or ask me any questions. I hope it gets better for you. It does help to talk about it. :). I also wore a brace for five years from 8-13.. It didn't improve mine though so I've had three surgeries since then and now I have a consultation with a surgeon to hopefully have another because the pain is intolerable now.

Hi, I'm more than likely going to have to start wearing a back brace soon and I know nothing about what kind or what it'll be like. I was hoping you could help.

Hey i've scoliosis too and wore the brace before but things werent good so i had to go for surgery thrice hence i absolutely understand how you feel! Hope you're doing well you'll pull through this:-)

How did the surgery go? And how was the recovery?

My last surgery went fine thank you for asking! It's rather painful at first and my movements were limited (like a robot) but i'm full of energy now!