I've always had this thing where I can't scream very much. I rarely scream - if something scares me [suddenly], I usually jump [sometimes nearly flipping the couch! lots of hoo ha in the ensuing moments], do a series of complicated arm flailing moments and flipping, and at most, emit a squeak. Eek! heheheh.....

I don't know why. Maybe bc I was always a quiet one, so I didnt have much practice => or cos I thought screamers were scary when I was little, so I didnt want to copy them. I'm sure that there's lots of possible theories.

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LOL my family would think I was being attacked by the shampoo bottles or something, thanks for the tip though!

I like to scream into my towel when I dry off my face after a shower. It's a good stress relief; you should try it!!!

hey! that's like me. only guys don't generally scream in any case, but i find that it very difficult to verbally expel anything. on great rollercoaster rides, i just tend to grin. there's no general hollering or whooping or anything similiar that goes on with me! i think i'm verbally repressed or something :g so i understand where you're coming from, albeit from a slightly different perspective!