Had My *** Kicked By the Ocean

my first sea kayaking experience....hmmm.... i almost drowned.

in 1993 some of my buddies came across a mold for a sea kayak and put to work making their very own fiberglass boats. it took a couple of tries but they finally came up with the right rigidity, slapped on some paint and had a perfect little boat. I decided to take it out for a paddle. It was clear and sunny with a light wind in the bay, no major waves. so i donned the wetsuit, grabbed all the gear including the paddle and boat, threw it in the ocean and off i went. This thing glided perfectly, with everystoke the boat just knifed through the water. So i paddled up one side of the bay, and that didnt take too long. At the point of the headland I took a longing look across the bay. The other side didnt look so far away, after all i had just paddled twice that distance in a short time. So I took a deep stoke swiftly turning the bow starboard toward my destination, then dug down deep and paddled hard.

Halfway across the bay things changed. allthough the wind was still light, the waves from the open ocean picked up. Still werent too bad, but slowed me down a bit. Soon i was close to the other side, waves were breaking on a point of land so I stayed maybe 250m off shore and paddled along. the ocean waves were coming from behind me at my 4 oclock position, the wind waves were also coming from behind me. also the i was paddling againast the tidal current (not much of this occured to me at the time) the ocean i was now paddling was now rougher and turbulent due to the interference wave pattern and was causing breaking waves. I took one over the bow, and took on a little water, ah nothing to worry about. then took another and another. did i mention there was no sprayskirt. my speedy little boat was becoming a water logged dog of a boat, i caught a large roller off the starboard and the boat tipped up on her side, caught the creat of the waveand quickly rolled over. i was now in the ocean. no problem i had my paddle, i'll jsut sit on top and paddle to shore. two strokes and the boat was completely filled with water and disapperred under the ocean

did i mention no airbags, foam or anything in the bow and stern.

did i mention no lifejacket.

i did have the seat from the cockpit and luckily it floated very well. My wetsuit it seemed, didnt fit me very well. the arms were loose and torn and filled with water, the crotch and *** were missing (im guessing an unfortunate waterskiing accident) its only purpose was to keep my core slightly warmer than the 10 deg C water.

swimming was an exercise in futility! so i grabbed the seat and put it under my chest, held the paddle in my right hand and kicked towards shore. i have no idea how long it took, and by the time i reached the little sandy beach i was exhausted, my wetsuit filled with water seemed to weigh a ton and i was only able to crawl  up on the beach like a seal. i just lay there for maybe 10 minutes. i had just had my *** kicked by the ocean, and i t was donning on me that i had just narrowly escaped dying.

as for the boat, the last i saw of that miniature titanic was the bow tipping up to the sky and gently slipping beneath the atlantic ocean.

bcool bcool
31-35, M
Mar 10, 2009