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This is my second year with Seasonal Affective Disorder. Starts around September getting a bit tired, no motivation, lower moods, etc. Then around November time is when it gets really bad where I struggle to get up at all in the mornings. Last year I ignored all the symptoms not wanting to think something was wrong with me but ths year Ive moved away from home to university and found the symptoms way too hard to handle on my own and went to the doctors in November. The doctor said I did have SAD and told me about the light therapy lamps and how much excercise and diet is important too.
I have been using the light for atleast an hour a day, go swimming 3-4 times a week have a god diet but still struggle slightly. Its not as bad as it was before but I still find it hard and just really struggle going through it all on my own away from home, like university isn't stressfull enough! Im usually a happy, positive person who is always out with my frinds but the SAD just puts like a fog over my mind for months what I can't get rid of.
Was wondering if anyone with SAD has used antidepressants before. The doctor mentioned it to me but just don't know how they would make me feel and if they'd make me workse.
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Yeah I just don't like the idea of anti-depressants but yeah I'm the same with little stresses as well. Have been feeling a lot better though since the start of march and have hardly been using my light box at all lately! Hope I can have a good few months of my normal self before next Autumn!

I am like you in that the light therapy and exercise definitely help, but aren't enough. I still have times when I get pretty 'foggy' which is a good way to describe it. I don't know about you, but I have a hard time dealing with even small stresses as well.<br />
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I haven't tried anti depressants but am also curious if anyone has used them with positive results.