Hi, I was just wondering if anyone with SAD notices any kind of anxiety during the Winter months. This year I've been going on my light box, taking the Pura EPA fish oil tablets from what help me, also eating well and doing loads of excercise. This all has kept the depression away and I haven't been feeling tired at all like I usually do so I feel like these things are all working but I seem to be getting bad anxiety something I've never really noticed in the past 2 or 3 years. Has anyone else had problems with this? I think I'm going to go see the doctor about it as it's getting quite bad and have been up the past 2 nights with it. Just have to see what they say.
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1 Response Oct 16, 2012

Yes I get quite severe anxiety sometimes. I may also become really convinced that something awful or life threatening is going to happen to me. This year I think has been the worst I've had relating to Anxiety. I'm finding it quite difficult to deal with where as on past occasions I'm able to rationalise it all away (using my light box etc).