I'm Designing A S.a.d Lamp And Need Your Help !

Hello all,

I'm a university student in the UK and I'm currently designing a S.A.D lamp and would love to know what would make the best lamp possible.
At the moment my design is unlike the clinical, ones that are currently on the market. It also uses LED's for lower energy usage.
It has a lighting system that reproduces the temp of light that is emitted during the day, when the lamp is being used for therapy.

The lamp is portable so it can be used as the user is doing day-to day chores. I would love to know anything that you think the lamp could benefit from, such as a dimmer etc.

I would also love to know about how S.A.D makes you feel, all the research i've carried out on health websites, don't explain how S.A.D effects the sufferer.

Thank you very much,
look forward to hearing your replies.
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2 Responses Dec 3, 2012

I think what people want out of a light box is to be able to sit infront of one for as little time as possible as it can be really annoying to have to sit infront of a light for atleast 45 mins to an hour every morning. But I suppose it's what you have to do to help with your SAD.
SAD basically makes me have moderate depression during the autumn and winter months. It starts in spetmeber and gradually gets worse until in November I have moderate depression, a diagnosis from my doctor. The depression stays until february then slowly gets better throughout spring.
I use a light box for an hour a day which helps me feel less sleepy. I also eat really healthily, excercise a lot, take 4 Pure EPA fish oil capsules a day from the website mind1st.com.
I have really struggled this year though despite doing all these things so going to the doctors about it for next year where I will hopefully have some kind of therapy to help me or anti-depressants.

hi Lou, I don't know much about SAD lamps - some say that they don't really work especially the small, home-use versions. I live in central Sweden so at this time of year its dark ALOT of the time. i am from the UK and have always suffered a little from SAD but here it gets pretty bad but I try to get out in the day and get some sun when its about. SAD is like depression with a tangible element...it almost feels like depression with some head pain. I guess it brings on all the other depression symptoms - lack of energy, bad sleep, oversleeping, waking up too early, eating too much...

I think it would be great if you could design a visor for SAD so that you could walk around and your eyes would be forced upward to take in the light. Ive no idea if that makes any difference but its clearly as much eye exposure to light as possible.

All the best. Hope my two pennies helps you a little.