Respect Mother Nature

I respect Mother Nature and in truth I try to give each and every season the respect it deserves.That being said, the endless snow and lack of sunshine in winter can really have a sledgehammer effect on me psychologically speaking. So why did I not notice this during the Dark years? Because in the dark years, you embrace winter, destruction and everything relating to death. So yes I have S.A.D. and I find I get more eager for spring and less tolerant of winter every year. I would love to find a state that I could afford to live in where winter was nonexistent.

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4 Responses Feb 26, 2010

I hate a lack of sun too.<br />
I need no looney beliefs to explain it.

K, I have the solution! Move to New Zealand for the summers, and then go home after 6 months! All sorted Sweet!! P.s it's summer now

Well for starters your feeding on some common stereotypes, cops are A$$holes regardless of where you go, im white and I get treated like dirt as well. The Klan isnt an organization people embrace and it def. isnt an organization that is very open, theyre very underground and I dont think I've ever seen one or at least an open one in my 19 years of being a native Texan.

Come to Texas!