Yes, I admit that I do. Anyone who claims that they don't is lying. I'm not proud of my desires, I'm actually quite ashamed by the majority of them, but I must learn how to either forget them, suppress them, or just live with them. Forgetting about them isn't really an option though. No matter how much I try to keep my mind off these shameful desires they always resurface in the back of my mind again. The more I try to forget about them the more it becomes harder to NOT think about them, actually. It's quite irritating to me. Suppressing them doesn't work well either since I can never get them out of my head. Trying to suppress these desires just makes me saddened that I have to think about these desires but I can never morally act on them. I'm a very strict, ethical person and I try my very best to live up to every expectation of a good man. But it gets difficult and frustrating at times, and it's even caused me despair before. I know I will be able to fulfill these desires fully when I have my own house or apartment in the future but who knows how long that will be and if I'll even have the same urges a few years from now. I was considering writing these desires in the story so you'll be able to comprehend this situation better but I'm just too embarrassed to do that at the moment. It's not that these desires are disgusting or unlawful or anything, they're just.... untraditional. Any thoughts or advice?
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1 Response Aug 20, 2014

If nobody knows about them but you, they don't exist and you're safe.

You'll die some day anyways. If you're ashamed of them, then never tell anybody. I deal with the same problems.