Never Giving Up On My Dream

Being an actress in always been a dream of mine. I was never academic at school and had a crappy past. They is nothing here were I live.I've never had no money so its been really difficult. Its been also difficult getting into a good acting school anyway. I have tried to get into alot of acting schools and a view  really do want tons of money out of you then you should give. I went to one which didnt seem professional at all. The teacher was absolutly awful. I'm going to audition to a couple of other good schools one last time just to give it one last shot.  Once and for all I'm moving away to try to make it as an actress. I'm good and I'm 100% confident and passionate, dedicated to in what I want to do. I love acting. Its my dream and nobody should ever give up in they dream,
darkhappygirl darkhappygirl
May 13, 2012