Surprise In The Shower.

... It's night time!
the hot steam of the shower is soothing my mood, after a bad argument with my boyfriend. I take my time and the room is steamed/fogged up... I don’t hear the door open... but when the door to the shower opens I keep my back to you, you hurt my feelings and I want you to say your are sorry... because the best after an argument is the making up sex... so intense!
You don’t say anything but reach for the soap..... we still don’t talk.... and I feel your hands on my body, slow circles on my back, shoulders... an arm slides around to my belly.... and a hand is placed on it, protective.... and I smile hoping you had changed your mind about children. I close my eyes and feel your hands wandering to my breast, teasing the nipples....

.... You, had just has a fight with your girlfriend, and she had walked out on you.... leaving you standing in the hotelroom. You had run after her but she had got out of your sight when you got to the street, and you tried to catch up. When it started to rain, you turned around and knew she would be back at the hotelroom, and under the hot steaming shower.... so steamy it was hard to see, but then it was good just to have to touch and to make up.... because there isnt anything better than make up sex... rough, hard and then still end up with slow lovemaking in bed. So when you came home and heard the water running, you smiled to yourself... knowing your woman!
You undressed fast and opened the door to the bathroom, making sure that the connecting door to the other bedroom was locked so noone would disturb you in your quest for forgiveness. You opened the door to the shower, and reached for the soap so you could soap her in.... She felt against your touch, leaned her head back on your shoulder so you could kiss and nipple on the neck, her ear.... as you could cup her breast, tease the nipples... Something was off... but you didn’t really know what it was, something different. But it felt so good to have her back in your arms... your fingers slid down and spread her legs, then her ***** lips..... she had shaved below and trimmed on top, something she never did but you were pleased she had since she knew it turned you on. OHHHH YEAH this was going to be some MAKE UP SEX.... going to show her on running off like that. Your hard shaft slides between her legs, she moans a light moan, and moves against your hard shaft, ohhh yesss.... she was ready, and to make sure she was going to feel your shaft, you bend her forward making her ***** entrance tighter. You aim for the entrance... and is shocked when she moves her behind back to take you inside in a fast deep trust, as the head and a few inches went inside you lost it and trusted all the way in. You loved this position since it made her so tight, but it had never been this tight before... but the feeling of her moving with each trust just made it harder to stop. You could feel the walls around the shaft and the end wall as you trusted in deep... making you grit your teeth. What was happening here!

....Never had your **** felt this nice and hard, so thick....and long, plus your balls was never this full. Did you feel sorry for me and decided that it was time... when you bend me over, I decide to meet you half way in a deep and hard trust.... since you always liked it that way, fast and hard.... most of the time I don’t get anything out of it... never an ******, that I have dreamed of and had heard other women talk about. And now... this felt like heaven, maybe I should get you more upset and worked up and the sex would turn into something wonderful.
With my hands on the wall and bend over, I felt your hands on my hips... trusting harder.... deeper.... ohhhhh my GOD, you filled me out... you are so swollen even the length of him feels longer and rock hard. But I didn’t want to say anything, we could talk later. This felt to good, balls slapping my steaming hot *****, and I couldn’t stop myself from reaching below and squeeze your balls, that felt like getting fuller with each squeeze I made. Was this the moment? Were you going to fill me or were you going to pull out again just before you would ***, and before my own ****** would roll over me? This felt so good and if I could, I would make sure that this time you would fill me up with ever drop you had in you, shoot it up so deep if it could go any deeper than you being inside me so deep... I could feel my ****** starting, the contractions starting to tighten around your shaft.... as I kept squeezing your balls, you made a few strange sounds... it didn’t sound like you, and by now you would already be pulling out.... what was going on here!

.... Never had he felt like this, she was so tight... yet her ***** opened up for him as you invaded her tight *****. Never in his years had she felt like she did at this moment, even her breast was fuller, was her rear also a little bigger than normal.... it turned him on so much to see her and have her in this position... and he was ready to fill her... Show her, that he knew how to please a woman. The hold on her hips tightened and the rhythm was fast, hard and ohh so deep... feeling the back wall with each trust... was she going to *** with him or was she going to ask him to pull out, like she always did... Today he was going to see how far it would go before she would tell him to remember to pull out! Waste of good little swimmers!
The speed was now so fast and water was hitting him in the face but he didn’t care, at the moment filling her was his mission and if he could get her to go over the edge with him, she might let him fill her tight *****.
You hear her cry out as her ***** muscles starts to contract tight around your shaft.... and you trust in a few more times hard and deep.... and feels her ****** explode and her cry out loud, WHAT THE HELL! But you cant stop yourself, her ***** lips has locked around your shaft so tight and you hold her hips tight as your last trust sends your HUGE load of HOT *** deep into her inner core.... and you hear her moan out loud as she feels your load being shoot into her deep *****. Her ***** milks you for each drop you got, and you moan out loud as you shoot your *** deep into her, as you hold her tight.

..... "Ohhh my GOD baby." I turn to look at my boyfriend and finds you a stranger, a good looking stranger still deep in me. "OHHH MY GOD, Who are you?"

..... "Ohhh I'm SOOO sorry, I thought you were my girlfriend... she walked out on me in a bad argument... and we always make up in the hot steaming shower! I'm so sorry!!!"

.... Still feeling your hard **** inside of me, I cant stop squeezing around the hard shaft. "I would say its my fault as well... I think I knew something was wrong in the beginning, because it.." I bite myself in the lip, "never felt this good!"

.....You start to slide a little out but at the end of her sentence you slide back inside very slowly... making her moan... and she squeeze around your shaft. "I should have know as well, because my girlfriend always asks me to pull out just before.... you know.... I ***!" Grinning at her, but stops when you see the tears. "But I'm still sorry, I was a little rough. Did I hurt you?"

.... "No you didn’t hurt me, and I think we are adults enough to take this as adults!" I feel you pull out and wished you would stay inside of me for a while longer.

We hear voices outside... and we both look up and deep into each others eyes. You reach over and lock the door from your side, making sure that we are decent. You see me jump but the sound of my room door open and shot.... your arms slides around me holding me close into your hard body, and I hear you say... "I wont let him hurt you, this was as much my mistake if he finds out!" I look up at you and you touch your lips to mine for a seal that promise. A very gentle kiss! Then you are back in your clothing, unlocks the door and I hear you talk to your girlfriend. I lock the door again... I sit down for a minute on the toilet seat, what had just happened?
I had just had sex with a stranger and not even knowing his name.... but he had the most charming smile I had ever seen, and the way his eyes looked into mine was something I have never experience before.
I get up and start to get dressed... I pick up all my belongings... unlock the bathroom doors, and step outside where my boyfriend is pacing around like a crazy fool. I look at him and he says, "Ready for dinner?"
I walk over to the door, there is no gentleman manors over you... no holding the door, no smile that would shake me to the core. We walk downstairs to the dinning area and you and your girlfriend is in line too. I hear her say, why cant you me more like that person and points to my boyfriend... and my boyfriend cant take his eyes of your girlfriend, and tells me I should be more like that woman. Then the waiter comes over and tells us that they only have one table left, the takes it for that we are all together and before we can say anything our other partners are headed for the table. This is a special night, we have live music. I turn around and ask my boyfriend if he wants to dance... "You know better than to ask!" he tells me, and holds the chair for your girlfriend.... I feel your hand take mine and I hear you say "It would be my pleasure, to dance with you!"
You guide me out to the dance floor and we slide into a slow dance... you hold me tight up against your tall strong body, I feel your lips at my ear... "How are you feeling, sweetheart?" I hear you whisper... I look up at you, and send you a big smile.... "I feel awesome, thanks to you!" With that you pull me closer into your embrace. When the dance is over you guide me back to the table, and it ends up with that we had to sit in a booth... and I slide in first, then you slide in next to me, since our other half had taken the two chairs and were involved in a talk like they had known each other for years. They finally look up at us, and your hand slides over mine under the table to make sure you had my back in case something happened, your hand makes me relax.
When a couple comes from the dance floor, they laugh and his hands is on her pregnant stomach as to what my boyfriend look at your girlfriend and says, thank goodness that is not me. Your girlfriend smiles and says "Yes diaper duty, and you are cut off from doing things like having fun!"
I stiffen in my seat and says "I think it would be great, life changes and that is an experience I would love to have too..." but before I could say more my boyfriend broke in and said, "You know better to even say that!" and then goes back to talking with your girlfriend asking her to dance and she accepts his invitation and leaves us sitting at the table.
"You know we need to talk, right?" I hear you say... "that should be any women dream to have their own family," I feel you hand squeeze mine and I look you in the eyes.... only to take it away when the waiter is coming over asking what we want to drink and eat... we order, and ask him to come back when the other two are back... to take their orders, we look out on the dance floor and cant find them, and at that moment I get a TEXT message on my phone... "You are on your own, I'm moving on!" I show you the message and we check and your girlfriend comes up and ask to talk to you and you get up for a minute.... She reached into her bag, picks out a set of keys... hands you the keys and give you a kiss on the cheeks and leaves. You turn toward me and comes walking up and sits down, "That means we can have a talk, lets take a walk." You take my hand and put your hand on my lower back and guides me through the crowd of people...
As we come outside, we walk in silence and come down to a beach. Taking our shoes off, then as we walk you take my hand again... "We need to talk, really! I have to tell you something... I just came home from overseas, I guess they are right when they say that it takes a special woman to be with a military man."
I looked up at you, "I told you we were adults and I don’t regret what happened... not the least. It was the best sex I have ever had, the first ****** in I don’t know how many years..... and I have to say it was the strongest ****** I have ever had...." I feel you coming up behind me, slide your arms around my waist.... "That is not what I'm trying to say, sweetheart.... we had unprotected sex.... not that I complain about that... it felt so awesome as you contracted around me...I couldn’t stop myself but had to fill you.... it was the best welcome home greeting any man could have wished for. BUT we had UNprotected sex, you might end up like the woman inside!"
I turn my head and it comes back to me, the picture of the very much pregnant woman... my eyes goes wide open. "I see you are catching on, we might have created a child. I'm in the military, but that doesn’t mean that if we created this child that I don’t want to be a part of his or her life. I would love to have a family waiting for me..... that would make sure I had something to look forward to each time," You whisper into my ear. "Would you let me be a part of this child's life?"'
"I would never have a child and then keep him or her from their father... that wouldn’t be fair for anyone! But who says we created a child?"
You turn me in your arms, holds my head still... "if we didn’t create a child.... don’t worry, we find time to create one... if you are up to it!" I looked into your eyes, understanding the words you were saying. "Being inside you, feels like finally being HOME!!!"
I look up at you... and you have this serious look on your face.... I touch my hands to your face and you come back from where ever your mind drifted.... and look down into my eyes... "Then I can only say WELCOME HOME! Why don’t we go back to the room and talk...."
We walk back to the hotel room, and it didn’t matter which room we went into since we had connecting doors. As we come back close the door, I turn to you and feel your eyes on me... looking me over and you move slowly up to me.... helping me out of my dress.... standing in front of you in laces.... nipples hard by your stare... I walk over to you and slip my hands in under your shirt, tuck and get it out of your pants... and before long its laying on the floor.... my fingers goes over your hard body inch for inch, nails trailing the muscles... and I feel you jump at times.... but you let me touch and see you... no rush. I get up in front of you and let my fingers inside your pants and unbutton your pants... you suck in your stomach, afraid you cant control yourself by my touch. Letting your pants drop down and you step out of them, standing in front of me in boxers... my eyes glide over your body and your body react to my stare... you come closer and reach behind me to undo my bra.... you drop the bra and step back to take me in your view. I hear you say "Ohhh my, you are beautiful..." you just stand there looking and I step up closer and before I get their you have wrapped your arms around me... "Let's take it slow this time, deal. I want to enjoy every moment... and we seal it with a passionate kiss. Our tongues does a dance of its own, and we deepen the kiss as you pull me up against your long hard body. You guide me over to the bed, and lay me down and follows me down on the bed. We lay there touching each other, letting our hands explore each other. Then when I cant take it anymore I let my hands run over your belly and down toward your hard length... you lift your rear and I slide down your boxers and you does the same to me... I let my tongue run down over your body... biting your nipples one by one, and then trailing it down... letting the tongue run up the thick shaft, then up over the head, tasting the precum... and as I moan of pleasure I hear you laugh. Then you turn me over and its your turn... before I know it you are between my legs... your tongue dipping into my wet *****, I cant lay still and wriggles to your tongue moving in and out... when you feel a light spasm you come back up... "That is it baby, let it go don’t hold back your ******..." and you are back down between my legs and it doesn’t take long before I ***... crying out loud as I ***. You come sliding up my body.... smiling at me. I ask you to lay down on your back and as you do, I move down and squeeze your balls, so nice and full.. and I get so wild with need for you to be in me, that when I straddle you waist... you smile.. "That is it baby, this way you are in control...." I feel the head slip inside... so huge, it takes a little time for it to slip inside... even if I'm so nice and wet. You reach for me and I lay down over your chest as your
mouth captive mine, you move your hips a little and dive inside a few inches... "Ohhh, Godddddd!" and as I move back up... my ***** stretches for you to take you all in. Knowing that you are large and not all women can take you all the way you lay down and relax. When I start to move up and down over your hard thick shaft, I hear you moan... grit your teeth, then I start to move slowly.... and then a little faster... feeling you starting to swell... and I want to make sure that you are all the way inside me before my ***** locks you to me and you cant pull out. So I do a few fast strokes up and down and on deep trust taking you all inside me, making you cry out loud as you come up sitting holding me tight to you... "EASY baby, don’t RUSH... we have all the night.... this is so good!" you kiss me to keep me still in your lap...
After a while you lay back down... and I start to move my hips... forth and then back slowly... watching you as I move... then up and down... reaching down for your full balls... "All yours baby, all yours... just let me know when!" I start to move a little faster....and my ****** starts to roll.. contracting around you... I move faster on top of you... "Please I want you deeper in me..."
you turn me over still inside of me, and I lay on my back you place my legs around your waist, and then you look down at me.... "What did you want baby?" "Did you say deeper?" and you trust into me hard and deep... "Better?" .... my contractions are getting stronger and its harder for you to move inside of me... "Deeper, fill me PLEASE!"
With that you trust in so deep, deeper than you have ever been in any woman before... taking your size.... all the way to the hilt, a few more deep trust and my ***** locked around you while you were mmmm ohhh so deep, you cry out loud.... "OHHHH MY GODDDDDDDDDDD baby" you start to shake and then the first load hits the back wall..... "ohhh baby, ****... I have never *** this much before!" I cry out too as I feel your load hit my back walls, my own ****** rolls over the edge... cling tightly around your hard thick shaft. "Ohhh my my my my....." I cant finish the sentence since this is the strongest ****** I have ever had. When my body finally stop shaking, my ***** releases the tight grip it and I squeeze around you a final time and I hear you catch your breath... "Please baby, I have never in my life been so sensitive as I'm right night... I feel each muscle inside you", you bend down and kisses me.... "I hope this wasn’t to rough on you?"
"Are you kidding me, but there is something I would like to know.....?" You look at me, and says "Anything, baby! Go ahead."
"What is your name, I'm Dee?" I said, you tell me your name and we fall asleep... only to wake up doing the night to some more incredible lovemaking.

Now I hope this can keep you warm, where ever you are handsome....
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Wow what a story. You made me extremely excited with that one

Haven't talked to you in a while but that was one awesome hot and very sexy story I still jo looking at your hot pics from months ago. Thanks chat again when you have time.

You can write, dear lady. You had me captivated from the beginning, but when you got to the part when she/you cowgirled him... OMG! No breaking my concentration, then. You had me. I was yours.
Thank you for this. I needed a distraction and this filled the bill.

Sorry for not getting back to you before now... glad you liked the storie...
guess I have to write a few more down, and hope that you would read them as well.

Better a late reply than never... Especially on this. And on that point...
Deal. If you were here, we'd shake on it, but since you're not let's just make this an electronic hand shake.

And I'll look forward to reading more of your writings.. Just let me know when you've posted some.

wow.... I loved it! you have mad writing skills..!!!! no, really jajaja im kind of embarrass, like ammm kind of by knowing or having the feeling I might have mental scenes... sorry. ok ill shut up... good story =)

Just a breathtaking erotic story! So hot!

If I didn't jack off on you at least 2 or 3 times a week I would be walking around with a hard on.

Very hot, very hard.

You have some of the hottiest stories I've read on ep. Thanks for sharing.

I'm glad you like my stories...

wow! never read anything as beatufiull and erotic as this ;o!
to bo honest you should try to publish this because it was really good :)!

Hi Zahch...
I'm working on it.... and will let you know when it comes to that.

hot d@mn, momma!! you are gooooooood.

Amazing store!!

Very nice story, felt like I was reading a book from a famous author to b honest.

i'm flattered. Thank you!
I have been walking around thinking of writing and getting my stories published

You should talk to rosypeacock she is on here and is doin someof ththe same thing. You can read some of here stories at...
She might be able to assist you for publishing them

thank you Icewolf

Your welcome, and cant wait to read more.

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oh nice story I like it.....

My god, what an incredible story. Made me so hard I couldn't see straight. My wife and I like to role play. Maybe I can work some version of this story it our sex life

Whew. I need a cold shower after reading that. <br />
I must agree that sex in the shower, although tricky, always seems to be as sexually stimulating as it gets.

wow, what a great story<br />
love it so much<br />

Wow a great story with great events and also with a very charming title :D keep it up :)

What a vivid imaganation u have, Love to read ur stories, & u should be a writer !!

WOW What a story thanks for sharing :)

you go bama girl, great story! but lets continue to shine like the south.

Oh Dee, words cannot describe how great this story is. Once again I was right there with you. What a wonderful experience. I'll be thinking of you a lot for quite some time to come now. Thank you baby.

im glad you like it...hope the others are just as enjoyable... as well as the new ones to come.

U took my Dreams telling Yours ;)

Great story well told

Hot damn young lady, that was a very hot story!

What a beautiful , beautiful story ,you are very good ,thankyou ,where can I buy your books , and can I be in one of your stories ,

I will let you know if I publish some... so far i'm so pleased that you all like my stories.

oh a bama stank ho, how exciting you are. have a great day my friend.

WoW !!<br />
<br />
you are one passionate, erotic thinking woman. I would love to read more. :)

Thanks for sharing good story Glen

you should publish

I'd love for this to be me walking in on you... :-)

I want to do you NOW!!

wow.. lovely bit of prose.. well written and erotic.. thanks for posting where it can be found

I'm so ****** hard!!!! fantastic!!!

I hope you don't stop writing down your thoughts any time soon.

Its never going to happen... I just have to find the time to write them all down.... might just have to become a writer.

VERY nice...

Mmmm, SO goooood...

NICE<br />

Such a LOVELY dream....very erotic...

You have me so hard after reading this ,I will have to take care of myself now..


Hi Everyone... I have been writing down my naughty dreams... hope you all like... I love every comment there is on these. Thank you

nothing more better then make up sex :)