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I Have A Chin Raising And Face Cheeks Squeezing Fetish

It all started in my childhood. I was a very shy girl, unable to look into my counterpart's eyes while talking to, especially concerning adults. I always looked to the ground. My mother started to raise my chin with her hand when I was talking to her or to another adult. After two or three times repeating it (after it I always looked again to the ground) she held my chin raised until the end of the conversation. As I was 10 or 11 we had a visit at my pedriatrician, a strict-looking old man. During the examination of my throat he constantly grabbed my face with one hand and pressed his fingers into my face cheeks and between my jaws so that I had to stay open-mouthed. I felt being completely at his mercy, literally "in his hand". It was a strange, thrilling and exciting sensation. From now on I enjoyed getting raised my chin and squeezed my cheeks. At the age of 12 I went through a phase where I was irritating my mother with constantly prattling. She ordered me to speak in her presence only, if I were asked, "otherwise I thrash the **** out of you". However, I acted with her, that I should only speak when she lifts my chin. I was ecstatic! You can imagine that I constantly walked around with a wet step and ************ in bed at night thoroughly. But after a few weeks it was too cumbersome for my mother and she ended the rule. In future my mother, however, becoming tired of always lifting my chin in talks. She commanded me to "look into the eyes" and if I didn't obey, raised my chin once and slapped my face. At some point, I adjusted myself and began to look into the eyes of my interlocutors. What I have never abandoned, however, is still occasionally to look back on the ground if I want to provoke my opponent to lift my chin.
Today my boyfriend has to raise my chin and to squeeze my face cheeks to a "fish mouth" many times a day.
I would like to know if there are any other people sharing this rare fetish. So far I've never met anyone.
TanjaD TanjaD 22-25, F 18 Responses Jan 19, 2012

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Is it truly a fetish?

Yes, Sir, I think so.

sound like the beginnings of a well trained slave...

Yes, Sir. It was so.

Thx for sharing

You're welcome!

Can you add me plz

No, Sir. I don't add men, sorry.

Hi Tanja,

I have the same fetish. My mother used to slap my face when I was younger too. Before she slapped me, she held my chin and put my head up, so I was forced to look in her eyes. Then I saw her smiling as her hand came down on my cheek.
She didn't do that often.. which I am really sad about, because during puberty, I started to enjoy it too, but then she didn't slap me anymore.

I totally share this chin-holding fetish with you and also the faceslapping!
I also love the imagination of a lady lotioning her hands softly before taking my chin up to slap my face. Only imagining that.. I immediately get hard.

One time I got it like that (with the lotion) from a friend of mine and I enjoyed it like hell. I guess she enjoyed it too, but we never met again..

I also can imagine to slap someone and hold his chin up before slapping his face. If you'd like we can write a few e-mails. I'm german too! :)

interesting ,,,,, can you add me ?

I've never heard of this, but I completely get it.

I have a fetish like that. I love to squezee cheeks and pinch them, a lot haha. I wish I knew someone with that same fetish.

I never looked at that as a fetish. I just knew I liked it when my husband would lift my chin. He has never slapped me though (in the face) just spankings. He has held or squeezed my mouth a few times during sex. And I do love it! Well I guess I have another fetish to add to the growing list. Thanks :) haha

You're welcome, Ma'am! ;-)

Count me in as one who loves having their chin grabbed and face squeezed. I also like doing this to my wife as well. She has become really good at it and knows how much I like it.

How does she react to it, Sir?

Sorry I never came back to answer this. We do share the same fetish. My wife has actually grown to occasionally say "squeeze my face" when she gets close to climax. I always liked girls who I saw grabbing chins- I am a totally normal straight guy- I just get turned on by photos, videos, and real life chin and cheek squeezing. I used to think it was weird, but now it is part of our flirting and foreplay as well.

That is sexy, Sir. And my bf does that with me as well.

So I guess I'm not alone with this- cant really explain how it all started or why I like this so much. I even have a lot of videos of TV shows and YouTube has a lot as well. It actually is pretty innocent and not that strange at all really

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I do like it when my partner takes my chin in his hand and makes me raise my head. It's mild domination, even though I don't think he realizes that it is. Sometimes I'll play him - 'look at me', he'll say, and I'll keep looking away because I know what he's going to do. He's older than me, taller than me (quite tall, actually!). I totally understand what you're talking about.

Yeah, it's very exciting, this kind of "chin play", I also know that.
Fine, to meet someone who understands!
Kisses, T.

It's an unusual fetish..... I think it's exciting though---I'm the dominant girl in our relationship. Renate like it when I make her keep her mouth open for extended periods of time. SHe salivates and gets uncomfortable. It's exciting. Love Noelle

Oh, I also like it, both, being in the position of your Renate and also seing a girl like her.

nice story!!!

Thank you very much, Sir!

Well done on being so candid and and sharing your fetish with us,,i really appreciate openess and honesty like that. Thank you again.

You're welcome, Sir! XD

Good for you. Some people wouldn't tell a story like that, but that was awesome. I hope you find someone who can do that to you and spice up the sex.

Thank you, Sir, I already have such a person. But why do you think that some people wouldn't tell a story like that?

Congratulations! Of all the things I have read about sexual things, it is the first I have heard or read of that, and I have read hundreds, or maybe thousands. I hereby award you the grand prize for having the weirdest, most different, and unique fetish. A squeeze to your cheeks and a chin lift for you from me. lol

Thank you for this honour! *curtseying*

its not a sexual thing but when my younger brothers were small , i lov to squeeze thier cute lil cheeks on thier face .... they were so adorable

I know that. I had an aunt who did this whan I was small. And that I didn't like.

okay, for you it sounds like having your chin raised and squeezing your cheeks reminds you to behave and be put in place. Others do too. but for them, the way their dom does it might be a gentle squeeze in the back of the neck, slightly tugging her hair, whatever.

Ok, now I understand (sorry, my english!). And yes, I think you're right. Thank you for explanation. Do you also have such a "reminder"?

i can't say. my hubby makes vanilla ppl looks spicy lol. my hubby looks down on bdsm stuff and sometimes looks at me funny about how much stuff I know about it lol

I think there are others who fetish like you do, yet different. I think you like being constantly reminded to be in your place. others have that. but it might not be specifically raising the chine and squeezing the cheeks.

Could you explain it with more detail, please? I don't understand.