First Girl!!!!

Years ago, I dated a guy that rode a motorcycle, usually with a group of friends. We were out in the country not too far from home around lunch time and decided to stop in a little Mom and Pop place for a quick bite to eat. The conversations we had when we were out always got a little loud. I was one of 2 females in a group of 8 guys, all in leather and mostly single. I was also the youngest by at least 10 years, and the quietest, almost shy at the time. We had a young, shy waitress that didn't quite know how to take all the compliments the guys were giving her. When we had all finished our lunch a $50 tip was left on the table, trust me she earned it. My guy gave me the money to go pay for the meal, while they all went out and dried off the bikes, it had come a quick shower while we were eating. As I gathered up my coat and went to the counter, one of the guys had come back in to ask the young waitress if she would like to go for a ride after she got off work. She declined and he just gave her his number and went back outside. I handed her the money and apologized for their rude behavior. She then handed me back my change along with her phone number. I was shocked, I had never been hit on by a woman before. I looked at her and said that I didn't do that. She responded by saying that I should try it because she could do things to me that none of the guys that I was with could ever do to me. I believe I was in full blush at that very moment. I handed her back the phone number and she wouldn't take it. She said please call me later and she would explain a few things.

After I got home, I contiplated making the call. She was attractive, but she was a girl and I was not a lesbian! I went back and forth until I picked up the phone and just called her. I think we talked for about an hour. We talked about everything except what had happened earlier in the day. I was about to let her go when she asked me to wait a minute. She was silent for little while, then when she came back on all she said was "825 S. Cedar Ave. in 1 hour". Then she hung up!

What was that about, my little simple mind took several minutes to decipher the code. Why was I even thinking about doing this? I am not a lesbian.
One hour later I was knocking on the door of the address that she had given me. Hell, I didn't even know her name. I was in the process of walking off when she came to the door in an oversized mens dress shirt and her hair mussed up. She asked where I was going. I fumbled my words and then walked towards her. She leaned in close to me and gently kissed my lips. Wow! That was nice, I thought, not very lesbian at all. She gathered my arm in hers and led me into her house, shutting and locking the door behind us. She led me to the couch and guided me down on it, I was absolutely in shock and could not even speak. She began by removing my jacket, then my shirt, kissing my neck and shoulders the whole time. All I could do was quiver uncontrollably everytime she touched my skin. She then came up to my mouth and kissed me so passionately that I had no idea that she was removing my pants simultaneously. When she came up for air, I was out of breath also, I was sitting there in my underthings and she was completely nude. She was beautiful! Dainty and firm! I started caressing her breasts and watching her reaction to my touch. She moaned and then started removing the rest of my clothes. As she came up she whispered in my ear that she needed me and wanted me at the same time. I shuttered and just froze up. She started running the length of my body with her hands andmade her way to my inner thighs. She began her serenade. She gently touched my p***y, it was very wet she said. She leaned down and started to kiss it and stroke it with her tongue. My God, I was about to c*m and she had barely touched me. Then she inserted a finger and the ******* came in waves, I couldn't stop and she wasn't going too. I am not sure how long it lasted but I was completely drained of *** and energy. Her name was Carrie, she said. She asked if I wanted to try. It didn't matter to her, she said making me c*m had made her c*m too. I told her that I did. She asked that I come back the next day and she would give me my first lesson. Our relationship lasted for about a year, until my job transfered me to another state. I would like to find another Carrie too play with some day.
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Beautifull. Testing yourself and finding new pleasures is what it's about.

This is a wonderfully written story... can't wait to read more of your writing

This is wonderful. Thank you for sharing

Great story, one doesn't need to be Gay just a little Bi came be so much fun!!

what state/country are you in now?

Holy God...whether this is true or not it made me very wet...i love women..very sensual, passionate, yet aggressive, n get what they want. Thanks for sharing

me too! xxx