My Dream.

Everytime I go to bed and start to dream, I dream that Im in a nother world a world that everyone wishes to live a world that people wish that is real. When I wake up everything went back to normal as if my dream was actully a dream, its nothing special it just a dream a dream that I saw was real and probly is I dont know. But it was fun cuz in that world I was in I could make anything I wat in that world a world that anything that can happen.
cjdennis19 cjdennis19
18-21, M
1 Response May 5, 2012

You're fortunate to have such dreams! Must be nice to be able to dream a little, normally I can't remember what I've dreamt of :/<br />
But even if it takes you down , wishing that the dreams come true I think that if you want you can really make it happen!!