I Feel So Bad About This....

I am always drawn to cheat or have affairs. I love my boyfriend right now and he has stood by me through a lot where even my husband divorced me. And I am still on her fantasizing about someone else in particular. I want to **** a girl which he said probably he would'nt call cheating because its something new I want to try. I just am so confused, why do I do this. And we have sex a lot so its not like a dry relationship!
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I think you are worrying about something that ypu don't need to worry about. You have urges, so do we all. It is just how you manage it that makes a different. You were truthful with your bf, which is great, and he doesn't seem to have a problem with it. So, if your urge is strong enough, then act on it. Why bottle this up in yourself? Let us know what happens.

you get high off the brain secretions of dopamine and stuff like that. its like getting high on cocaine you love your boyfriend but vheating and affairs provides a thrill but never completely satisfies the fire. good luck.

If he approves, I would definitely go with it, but make sure he is ready for that. It may be a fantasy of his to hear about you with another girl, but when it becomes reality, he may get upset. <br />
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I, too struggle with the idea of one partner and staying faithful. I am leaving my marriage, and currently am dating someone that has the same sex drive as me, which is incredible. However, no matter how hot it gets between us, I feel like I always want more, and want it with other people. Thankfully, I am able to discuss this with my girl and she is open to the experimentation with others, as long as we are both involved. I am not sure if that will even be enough for me, but at least she is willing to try. Maybe people like you and I are truly sex addicts. I have thought about that, too, and am not sure it is addiction that I want help with, as sad as that may sound to others.

If he approves then i say go for it. :)

I totally feel your pain. Shame on us all I think.

We see this as abnormal. This isn't abnormal at all. It is nature. What is abnormal is a single partner for life

No it's not, alot of animals do that!

None of the great apes do. Perhaps we're related to the Duck? Whale? or Penguin?

sex and love is so different and u r just sex crazed lol which is not a bad thing so go for it if he is cool with it

it may just be a need for the excitement of something new, something a little taboo. In this case it will be with the approval of your partner.....go for it and have fun

It's the thrill of the hunt....I'm the same way......I can't be monogamous

We do best with all we know how, if "cheating" is the one thing you do alot then better yourself not to do it again.