My Hubby Cant Know

I have quite a few dirty little urges. The biggest one I'd being ****** from behind with my mans **** in my mouth. The next would be giving him head with help from a cute little blonde. Being fingered in a bar by a stranger. Being ****** on a table by 3. Showing my neighbor I can squirt. Being blindfolded and surprised. Getting one in the back and one in the front I would love to... However, I have a bad body image and wouldn't want to vulnerable. I also would never want to hurt my husband. Wouldn't hurt my husband. He gets upset if my dirty talk gets too " crowded"
sarantonio sarantonio
22-25, F
5 Responses Sep 11, 2012

Tell him and allow him to make them happen for you. He will love you for it.

You are too young to be suppressing your fantasies in your marriage! :(

love your thoughts

mmmm maybe start by treating him with your fantasized bj, and things progress from there...

Bummer you can't share these desires with your husband, but, unfortunately I'm in the same position, and I can't share mine with my wife. It really kind of sucks and makes things frustrating.

I hear that alterego. Same boat here.