I Saw My Neighbor

I saw him outside working out. He's about 2 years younger than me and fine as Hell. I wanted to seduce him. I wanted to call him over and get him in my pool. I wanted him to take his shirt off and let me run my hands down his smooth hard stomach. I wanted to see desire in his eyes. I wanted him to beg for the chance to have me.I wanted to make him hard to the point it hurt and send him home. I wish I could see lust in another man's eyes without shame.
sarantonio sarantonio
22-25, F
3 Responses Sep 13, 2012

Please add me, you rock!

Damn, wish to heck that I knew gals like you when I was beginning college. Tell me how would you approach a young fellow such as the one you describe? Sounds like you need to initiate a subtle move. Then become just a little more daring, without scarring the crap out of a young naive fella. Maybe a little education would be in order weather this story is real or made up a continuance in the premise I describe would certainly be tantalizing. Best to ya toots,



ps: a little lov'in expressed is a little received, ha!

Send him home?